Join with onTraz & have your own website to launch a new Platform

My name is Gerry Maguire, CEO of OnTraz. I am based in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland. I am writing to offer you a no-cost and obligation free opportunity to host your “shop” or business on OnTraz enabling you to sell your products or services to potential customers in  Ireland and overseas.
OnTraz will be launching its Global Online Shopping Centre in the coming weeks.  This is a global Internet Shopping platform available in Ireland, USA, UK, India and New Zealand. This Online Shopping Centre enables individuals and businesses to host on-line shops to reach global customers and increase sales opportunities. This Shopping Centre can be used to sell any product, item or service and is open to individuals and businesses.
Prior to the launch of the product, we are offering select individuals/businesses in  all business sectors  an opportunity to use the site and reach global customers. You can use this site for two months at no-cost or obligation. After that time you can choose to purchase your online shop for €29 a month. Or, you can choose to discontinue the service with no obligations.
OnTraz offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to host a cost-effective, secure, user-friendly on-line shop reaching millions of global customers without the usual costs and technical management associated with an ecommerce site.
The team and I have worked on this site for several years to ensure our customers get a great service.  Additionally, the business is providing employment throughout Ireland. Please try the site for yourself. It is easy to use and there is full support for all questions. Please also contact me with any questions or concerns.
Gerry Maguire.
CEO OnTraz

Additional Benefits:

  • Increased Sales via Improved Search Results:                                                                                   

By hosting a shop on OnTraz an organisation is guaranteed a 99.9 percent positive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) finding on page one of all major search engines including Google and BING among others.  This ability increases the sales potential for all shops listed within OnTraz’s online shopping centre.

  • Secure Payment System:

Additionally, the customers can avail of OnTraz’s secure payment system via Paypal’s credit and bank card platform.

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